Newsletter de Janvier 2017.

Best wishes for 2017 and 1st Resolution: Being “Mobile Customer Friendly”

The team of DQE software and myself would like to wish you and your loved ones a Happy and Prosperous 2017, full of personal and professional success.

We have chosen to dedicate this 1st newsletter in 2017 to your clients, who for Christmas 2016, have confirmed their marked preference for mobile phones.

As early as November, mobile phone usage surpassed desktop use in terms of Internet traffic (51.3% vs 48.7% according to the StatCounter study), and a few days ago Amazon announced a 56% revenue increase for Christmas 2016 with 72% of consumers who placed at least one order via their mobile phone. But are brands truly ready for this evolution of use? Surfing the powerful wave of mobile technology, the brands have rushed through the gap of Responsive Design, avoiding Google’s boycott threat for sites whose pages were not designed for internet access from a mobile phone. Fine.

But wouldn’t they have forgot along the way that the journey offered to consumers is also as important as readability? As mobile traffic still remains full of pitfalls: filling in annoying forms, unidentified client, unrecognized web browsing history … Essentially, in their intention to be “mobile friendly” at all costs, brands have forgotten to be “customer friendly”, thus, a Data Quality Management approach could correct this …

So, for 2017, if we had a resolution to keep, it would be to integrate in its Mobile business an actual Customer Friendly page.

Have a fantastic New Year!

Nathalie Schulz - CEO, DQE Software

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We’re proud to present the new DQE Software website. Revised to even better meet the business challenges of our customers, you will find real answers to improve your customer relations, boost your web forms and your cross-channel browsing, loyalty programme at POS and optimising your marketing bases. Do not hesitate to take a tour and tell us what you think, our customers’ ideas are welcome. Thank you.

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