DQE Address

DQE Address

Input verification postal address RNVP.

DQE Address

The real-time DQE ADDRESS solution simplifies and checks the entry of French and international postal addresses at all customer contact detail collection points.

DQE ADDRESS BATCH is the Postal address Restructuring, Standardisation and Validation (RNVP) solution for handling both the French and international postal addresses already stored in the database.


The DQE ADDRESS MATCH solution offers dual benefits :

  • Simplifies the customer experience with an assisted input of postal addresses.
  • Checks in real-time the reliability of the address that is entered.

Based on a few entered characters, the DQE Software technology can suggest a complete address despite typographical, spelling or dyslexia-related errors.

The addresses suggested by DQE ADDRESS are obtained from international geographical postal repositories in order to certify the address quality.

In its standard version, the DQE Software technology integrates several postal address validation modes :

  • GPS type assisted input.
  • Input on a "search bar" type line.
  • Verification mode to subsequently check whether an address was entered correctly.

In France, our RNVP (Postal address Restructuring, Standardisation and Validation) processing engine is a tool that has obtained the SNA approval (National Address Service - La Poste Group).


Integrated in your data collection forms, DQE ADRRESS enables you to speed up the postal address input time while ensuring quality.

The technical corner

DQE ADDRESS is available in Saas or " on premise " mode.

Like all DQE Software solutions , you can implement this module within your web, CRM and ERP forms, through our web services.

DQE ADDRESS is one of the modules of our Easy Plugin technology that does not require any integration in your business applications.

In batch mode, we can perform on-time or recurring processes with our secure database processing automatons.

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