DQE Dedup

DQE Dedup

Deduplication matching remove processing duplicate.

DQE Dedup

DQE DEDUP is the solution that is designed to maintain a continuous single view of customer contacts in a multichannel context.

DQE DEDUP enables :

  • Quickly finding a customer file in your applications in spite of spelling or typing mistakes.
  • Avoiding collecting duplicates in your databases.

DQE DEDUP is a data deduplication, matching and merging solution. The DQE DEDUP Batch engine can identify duplicates not only within the same database (Deduplication) but also in several databases (Matching).


DQE DEDUP was designed to query databases of tens of millions of contacts and provide search results in record time.
The solution can be fully customised. With our interface, it is possible to define the reconciliation key (last name, postal code, etc.) and the algorithms to set the search parameters. DQE DEDUP can also query several databases simultaneously in order to provide a single view of the customer in a multichannel context.

In its standard version DQE DEDUP integrates several features to process the existing databases :

  • Graphic interface for setting up of business rules.
  • Monitoring tool.
  • Data preparation.
  • Data quality audit.
  • Data standardisation.
  • Data Deduplication and Matching.
  • Data merging.


Connect DQE DEDUP solutions at all customer contact detail collection points and in all your data flows in order to continuously maintain a unique and 360 degree vision of your customers.

The technical corner

DQE DEDUP is available in "on premise" mode.

Like all DQE Software solutions, you can implement this module within your web, CRM and ERP forms, through our web services.

In batch mode, we can perform on-time or recurring processes with our secure database processing automatons.

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