DQE Email

DQE Email

Assistance input verification correction Email.

DQE Email

DQE EMAIL simplifies and checks the entry of international e-mail addresses at all customer contact detail collection points.


EMAIL DQE enables significant reduction of "hardbounces" in e-mail campaigns and a significant improvement in the sender's reputation with the ISPs.

DQE EMAIL integrates multiple control points and features :

  • Auto-completion of e-mail.
  • E-mail syntax (double @, special characters /; etc).
  • Existence of the domain name.
  • Identification of disposable e-mails.
  • Validation of username (Words before the @).


For your web and CRM forms, DQE EMAIL simplifies e-mail input by suggesting the most common syntaxes based on the last name and first name already entered. DQE EMAIL also offers an auto-complete feature of the domain name based on the initial characters entered. The web service then validates in real time if the entered e-mail address actually exists.

After completing the checkpoints to make reliable the entered e-mail adress with DQE Email, it is possible to know in real time if this e-mail address has been active during the last 12 months thanks to DQE E-ACTIVITY that enables an activity matching to assign each e-mail a month of precise activity in the past year (ex: active 1 month ago, active 2 months ago, active 3 months ago ... active 12 months ago).

The technical corner

DQE EMAIL is available in Saas mode.

Like all DQE Software solutions , you can implement this module within your web, CRM and ERP forms, through our web services.

DQE EMAIL is one of the modules of our Easy Plugin technology that does not require any integration in your business applications.

In batch mode, we can perform on-time or recurring processes with our secure database processing automatons.

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