DQE Gender

DQE Gender

Control and correction of civilities and first names.

DQE Gender

DQE GENDER is a solution to simplify and make reliable the entry of first names while ensuring a consistency check with the entered civility.

Our repository of first names and associated civilities is international.


The DQE GENDER MATCH solution improves the customer relationship in several ways:

  • In-store or call center customer experience is enhanced through instant, fast and reliable name entry.
  • The company benefits from an improved customer vision thanks to a reliable and standardized supplementary search key (first name).
  • The effectiveness of marketing campaigns is improved by customizing the message without error.


In real time, DQE GENDER MATCH simplifies the entry of a first name by proposing a suggestion of names according to the selected civility. The list of given names is refined with each keystroke. The DQE GENDER MATCH engine has also been designed to suggest a correction of civility if it has not been informed or misinformed.

In curative mode, DQE GENDER BATCH allows to correct the errors of civility and even the first names, according to certain rules, but also to treat the inversions of fields NAME, FIRST NAME.

The technical corner

DQE GENDER is available in Saas mode.

Like all DQE Software solutions, you can implement this module within your web forms, CRM and ERP, via our web services.

DQE GENDER is one of the modules of our Easy-Plugin technology which makes it possible to avoid any integration in your business applications.

In batch mode, we can perform punctual or recurrent treatments thanks to our secure base processing machines.

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