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The customer experience is your biggest challenge.
In a time when everything is going faster, it is difficult to capture the attention of customers and prospects. However, data collection is a mandatory point of passage in order to optimize its marketing actions.

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Improve customer experience

Customer experience, an essential challenge in a multi-channel context to develop sustainable relationship between the brand and the consumer is linked to three factors :

  • Streamlining customer contact detail capture using form auto-complete solutions.
  • Reassure an Internet user on the professionalism of a merchant site, by integrating e-mail validation, address correction and phone number verification solutions on the its website.
  • Effectively recognise a brand customer and adapt to his consumption profile through targeted marketing that will reassure him in his decision-making process.

Strengthen the performance of a ecommerce site

We believe that you are faced with multiple challenges :

  • Prioritising leads coming in on a website by integrating solutions to measure quality.
  • Offering an effective real-time marketing pitch, by identifying prospects in your target profiles.
  • Anticipating the risks of fraud to avoid payment defaults.


Optimize customer experience

Improve customer experience and reduce shopping cart desertion by integrating a rapid contact detail input solution.


Ensure the quality of your data

Validate in real time the quality of customer data as soon as it is collected and benefit from a unique and reliable 360° enhanced vision.


Reduce costs

Increase your e-commerce website’s profitability by improving the conversion rate and the targeting of marketing campaigns.

dqe addressDQE ADDRESS

simplifies and checks the entry of French and international postal addresses.

dqe emailDQE EMAIL

simplifies and checks the entry of international e-mail addresses.

dqe phoneDQE PHONE

verifies un real-time the existence of a French and international telephone line, landline and mobile.

dqe genderDQE GENDER

simplify and make reliable the entry of first names while ensuring a consistency check with the entered civility.

dqe dedupDQE DEDUP

deduplicate to remove duplicate processing.

dqe btobDQE BTOB

simplifies and enhances real-time capture of company data, in all application types CRM, Internet…

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