What is the purpose of a CRM ?

A tool for service quality or for sales efficiency, it has become essential in the customer relationship landscape.

In a world of multi-channel communication, it provides you with a 360° view of your customers. With more relevant message and a linked profitability analysis, it adds value to your communications.

The DQE Software tools allow you to make the entered data more reliable, regardless of the input channel (telephone, website, point of sale, etc.) while speeding up their input through auto-complete.
Your address book is your most valuable asset.

How to optimise customer data collection ?

DQE Software offers customer data capture solutions that will enable the operator to not only save time, but also to validate the collected information on input to improve marketing efficiency.

Gone are the days when your customer received the same message several times, the same promotional leaflet with a random address.

The captured Last Name, First Name, Postal Address, E-mail, Telephone fields are compared in real time with the nominal database in order to record the data quality and identify the information to be confirmed.


Become more efficient

Accessing your data confidently, regardless of its source, enables you to deliver more pertinent messages.


Check captured data in real-time

Get data that can be used immediately by your marketing teams.


Increase the productivity of your teams

Through simplifying data entry methods, the time saved can be used to offer advice for better business efficiency.


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