Curative mode of databases

Duplicates, non-standard data, incomplete databases and wrong data are symptoms of customer databases which need to be cleaned.

The DQE Software suite will enable you to communicate more efficiently by cleaning up the data.

This step, essential for ensuring information quality, can be carried out upstream of the installation of real-time solutions, or automated at the frequency required to optimise your processes.

Data enhancement

It is good to have a healthy and reliable database, but would you perhaps like to have better knowledge of your customers and prospects ?

Thanks to a vast partner network, DQE proposes solutions that can enhance your databases with missing information, especially in your B2B relationships.

From SIRET to the name and contact details of the decision-maker that you would like to contact, we can support you in your endeavours.


Have reliable data

Essential for conducting sales and marketing actions, they are an indispensable resource in a company's growth performance.


Enhance the effectiveness of your marketing actions

Deliver the right message to the right person at the right time, do not let your marketing efforts count for nothing due to obsolete or incomplete data.


Reduce the operating cost of data

Reliable data means fewer files to acquire, better reach and delivery of your actions and thereby reduced costs.


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