Improve your acquisition rate without compromising on quality

Retention at point of sale process is a key challenge because, the more customer data collected, the better the marketing efforts.

Streamlining customer contact detail capture by using form auto-complete solutions allows systematic customer data collection without affecting queues at the cash counters.

Real-time data check is essential because it is always more difficult to adjust the quality later on.

Improve your customer relationship

Effectively recognising a brand customer is a key customer relationship challenge.

the customer’s consumption profile will help vendors in customising their sales pitches.

Reliability of data quality on input, regardless of the nationality of your customers, enhances the efficiency of the whole organisation from the point of collection to marketing actions.


Check captured data in real-time

Collect quality data from your French or international customers without any risk of damaging your databases.


Save time on data entry

Enhance the effectiveness of your data collection for optimal marketing and business performance.


Reduce database duplications

Improve your customer relationships by quickly finding a customer in the database, while having a single 360° view of the customer.


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