Secure your patient data

Today, we must reconcile quality of care and profitability.
Subject to strong economic stakes, Healthcare facilities need to capitalize on patient data collected to facilitate their journey and secure future revenue.

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Optimize in real time the quality of patient data

To simplify the patient's journey and make his care easier in public and private health establishments, it is necessary to facilitate the entry of its coordinates by auto-completion solutions that automate the collection of patient data without impacting the quality of its reception.

These solutions, totally GDPR, control in real time the reliability of the recorded data and correct them to guarantee their quality.

You offer the patient a better experience in your health facility and get rid of the irritants he might encounter upon admission.

You also anticipate the risk of payment default, and can calmly recover your patient bills since the patient data collected will have been made more reliable (Fee-for-Service - T2A).

Reliability your identity-vigilance approach

Reduce the risk of error when entering the patient's identity upon admission, to attach it to his existing good record or to create a new patient record without duplicate entry. Thanks to the DQE Software solutions, with pre-defined rules dedicated to the healthcare sector, the patient's identity is entered uniformly in the patient file.
The identification and authentication module via mobile (ID Mobile) also allows in a few clicks to accelerate the entry of the patient's identity.

Customer identification is secure, its data is reliable in real time:
the patient journey will be simplified, you will be sure to care the right person and your teams will gain in productivity and efficiency.


Dispense good care to the right person

Thanks to tools for capturing and controlling the quality of patient data, you simplify the digital patient journey.


Reliability of patient data

Control, clean, dedicate, enrich, merge your patient databases to secure the identity-vigilance process.


Facilitating the collection of invoices

Reliable data means anticipating payment defaults and meeting your profitability challenges.

dqe addressDQE ADDRESS

simplifies and checks the entry of French and international postal addresses.

dqe emailDQE EMAIL

simplifies and checks the entry of international e-mail addresses.

dqe phoneDQE PHONE

verifies un real-time the existence of a French and international telephone line, landline and mobile.

dqe lifestyleDQE LIFESTYLE

segments and profiles in real time the customers according to the typologies of households resulting from the demographic repository.

dqe dedupDQE DEDUP

deduplicate to remove duplicate processing.

dqe moovedDQE MOOVED

identifies if a contact moved, in real time in your applications

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