DQE Software, expert in Data Quality Management

DQE Software, a software publisher specialized in customer data quality’s optimisation, offers innovative and 100% GDPR Compliant solutions, enabling companies to collect quality data, the basis of a high-performance multi-channel strategy.

DQE Software designs and develops customer data quality tools to meet the challenges of different industries. Our experts present you the data quality solutions adapted to your needs: help with data entry (autocompletion), control and correction of postal addresses, email and telephone, deduplication

Why Optimizing Customer Data Quality is Strategic?

  • 67% of Internet users have at least 2 e-mail addresses.
  • 15% on average of the postal or email addresses stored in the databases are wrong.
  • 70% of the relational programs are doomed due to the poor quality of the data collected from the customers.
  • 62% of consumers say they are willing to pay more for added value.

Investing in the quality of customer data to increase customer value is no longer an option. Any brand Customer Centric needs to have an irreproachable data base to effectively manage its relational strategies, and to recruit, animate and maintain long-term loyalty by controlling its budgets.