Collect GDPR consent

Just keep track of your customers' consent in store or over the phone

The new regulation on the protection of personal data (GDPR) requires brands to have the explicit consent of their end consumers (B2C) to send them their communications, whether by mail, telephone or email. Easier to collect online than at the point of sale or over the phone, consent is the mandatory starting point for any relationship strategy.

Turn anonymous visitors into future loyal customers

You have managed to attract thousands of anonymous visitors to your points of sale or agencies that you would like to turn into loyal customers. DQE Software helps you to establish a relationship of trust with your customers, to interact with them in the long term, to engage them to generate future omnichannel business and to perpetuate your activity:

  • Collect real-time explicit consent from your customers, at the point of sale or over the phone.
  • End oral or tacit collection practices without legal value.
  • Record potential future customers who show their interest by sharing their valuable data, in a totally optin approach.
  • Capitalize on the customer thanks to his valid consent to engage him permanently.

Keep track of your consent at point of sale or over the phone

An oral agreement given at the point of sale, in an agency or by telephone has no legal value. Even if it has been sincerely expressed by the customer, it is not worth for consent, and can not be registered in your customer database. 4 best practices for brands:

  • Be transparent in the use of the data they intend to make.
  • Collect explicit client consent through DQE GDPR Compliant which triggers a unique activation code on the mobile to communicate to the adviser or cashier who is consenting.
  • To be able to prove that it is the client who has given consent, in accordance with the GDPR.
  • Keep track of the collected consent.