Fluidify data collection

Capitalize on your data to better recognize your quality customers

Omnichannel digitization has accelerated. All touchpoints, from the physical point of sale, the agency, the call center to the websites or mobile applications, become unavoidable customer data collection points in order to set up an optimized omnichannel marketing strategy based on the customer knowledge.

Involve your field collaborators in data collection

The contribution to the effort of acquiring new customers and enriching your databases is up to each employee, whether at the point of sale, behind a telephone, in a bank branch, etc. Good customer knowledge is essential to better engage the customer and retain them:

  • Fluidify the entry of customer details by auto-completion solutions in your forms in order to systematize the collection of customer data without impacting queues or the productivity of your teams.
  • Help your advisors identify their client in real time, which will prevent them from creating duplicates in your databases.
  • Collect face-to-face consent to maximize your chances of getting it.

Opt for web forms that generate quality data

The filling of the web form or CRM is essential when you want to capture the customer and start a special relationship with him. Depending on its ergonomics and the input experience, it can either speed up the conversion or put a radical end to it.

  • Think of Data minimization to make sure the form is complete.
  • Adopt the “single line” input mode to reduce the number of fields to enter.
  • Avoid recording data entered that would be inaccurate by inattention by checking in real time the reliability and consistency of each field filled (surname, first name, civility, postal address, landline and mobile phones, email, French and international coordinates).