DQE Software strengthens its position as an expert in patient data quality for the healthcare sector

Press release

Paris, May 24, 2018 – During Paris Healthcare Week (May 29th to 31st – Paris Expo Porte de Versailles – Pavilion 7.2), DQE Software unveiled its new solution dedicated to healthcare professionals to optimize the quality and reliability of their patient data.

This solution enables public and private healthcare institutions to optimize the quality and reliability of their patient data, which is necessary to meet their identity-vigilance, T2A billing and debt recovery issues. As such DQE Software hosted the workshop “5 tips to meet T2A & Recovery issues.”

While our healthcare systems are looking for efficiency, it becomes complex to fulfill the primary mission of healthcare institutions: to provide the right care to the right person, without impacting the patient’s journey.

To reconcile economic issues and patient satisfaction, DQE Software has developed a new solution for managing the quality of patient data. It facilitates the collection of data (name, surname, phone, address, email, duplicate search …) to simplify the patient journey and secure billing, in compliance with the new GDPR regulation.

In practical terms, this solution makes it possible to reduce the risks of error when entering the patient’s identity and contact details upon admission, thanks to self-completion modules, while maintaining the quality of his reception. The identification of the patient is secure and its data checked in real time: the patient journey will be simplified, the care will be provided to the right person with certainty and billing management will be optimized. Healthcare services will gain in productivity and efficiency.

DQE Software has more than 150,000 users in all sectors of activity, including Lausanne University Hospital.

Nathalie Schulz, General Manager of DQE Software says: “For a health facility, it is now necessary to know how to combine quality of care and profitability. Today nearly 100 million health bills are published per year in France and 50% of patients’ debts are not recovered (source: anap). Invest on the quality of patient data is essential to better identify them, simplify their journey and secure future revenue.”

Nathalie Schulz, General Manager, and Benoit Dahan, Sales Director of DQE Software animated a workshop “5 tips to meet T2A & Recovery issues: How to optimize in real time the quality of patients’ data in order to better identify them, improve the recovery of invoices and meet the profitability challenges of health facilities? “, Tuesday, May 29th, from 9:15 am to 10:00 am at Agora IT of Paris Healthcare Week.