[News Release] New solution: DQE Unify for Salesforce

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DQE Software, together with Salesforce, are opening a new chapter in Data Quality Management.
Our customer data management solution, integrated with Salesforce, is designed to provide your company with much more reliable data and to supply a unified customer view. This is specifically designed to boost your marketing ROI!

Customer data management: the latest challenges for companies

Today, the challenge for companies is no longer simply to collect customer data. Brands have often used collection strategies from different channels (eg: point of sale, online forms, tele-marketing) to record a wealth of valuable information.

However, the big difficulty is in centralising this data and providing a harmonised customer experience. Multiple points of contact and data sources often result in a fragmented view of the customer.

In order to create consistent communication and a relevant marketing strategy, companies need a unified view of their customers: this is known as Single Customer View (SCV).

With this in mind, DQE Software has developed a new Customer Data Quality Management solution.

‘DQE Unify for Salesforce’: delivering more reliable and unified customer data

To meet the new challenges facing companies, DQE Software is launching its innovative, high-performance and user-friendly integrated solution for Salesforce. ‘DQE Unify for Salesforce’ both centralises and cleans your customer data, via the Salesforce platform.

  • Reliability and simplicity go hand in hand

With ‘DQE Unify for Salesforce’, it has never been easier to make your customer data more reliable.

The solution is natively integrated with Salesforce. The advantages being that the user benefits from the tool’s functions directly from their usual interface and can manage the quality parameters of their customer data according to their needs.

The ‘DQE Unify for Salesforce’ solution allows each data source in the company to be integrated with the Salesforce platform. This provides a unified customer vision as well as producing centralised information to business applications within your company.

This tool can enable one-off or regular actions to remove duplicated leads, contacts or accounts and can be programmed directly in Salesforce.

The user can easily view the process history and monitor the quality of the customer database using dashboards and graphs in Salesforce.

In addition, the ‘DQE Unify for Salesforce’ solution detects and corrects any errors that reduce the quality of the customer database.

The solution monitors the quality of the following data:

  • Civilities, first names and surnames
  • Postal mailing addresses
  • Email addresses
  • Telephone numbers

In order to control the data from start to finish, our solution also offers the possibility to control the quality of the data at each point of contact. In practice, this is from the moment the customer data is entered either at the point of sale, in your call centre or on your ecommerce site.

  • A holistic view of each customer

Our tool is based on high-performance technologies, including Smart Contextual Matching (SCM) and Cross Matching. These extremely efficient technologies enable our solution to avoid the creation and storage of duplicate customer files.

The ‘DQE Unify for Salesforce’ solution breaks down silos and unifies customer information. The result is to create a Single Customer view (SCV) within your organisation.

The objective is to centralise all individual data in a customer database for all your company’s common brands and divisions.

Thanks to this complete overview of your data, previously under-exploited information now becomes accessible – enabling you to better understand your customers.

The key advantage is that this 360° view of your customers will enable your marketing departments to deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right person and on the right platform.

By providing a better customer experience and satisfaction you will be able to boost sales and limit churn!

Check our video on ‘DQE Unify for Salesforce’

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