[Covid-19 release] The measures taken by DQE Software

Press release

[Covid-19] In view of the current events, we would like to inform you that DQE Software remains at your side.

Faced with the coronavirus epidemic (Covid-19), we are currently experiencing a global health crisis that is disrupting the French business activity.

In this unprecedented context and following government measures, we have a collective responsibility to act for the health of all. Thus, in order to protect its employees and reduce the spread of the virus, DQE Software has been complying with containment measures since Monday, March 16.

We also inform you that we have taken all the necessary measures to ensure the continuity of our activities.

  • Teleworking: our teams are working remotely.
  • Collaboration: an adapted infrastructure and high-performance tools allow our employees to work remotely, efficiently and securely.
  • Communication: our teams remain mobilized and attentive to your needs by e-mail, telephone and video-conference.

DQE Software makes every effort to continue to support you in your Data Quality Management initiatives and to provide you with solutions adapted to your needs.

We are still available:
Via our contact form : www.dqe-software.com/en/contact
Par téléphone : +33 (0)1 71 19 97 34
Par mail : info_dqe@dqe-software.com

Of course, you can also reach your usual contacts directly by e-mail or telephone: Sales representatives, project managers, etc.

In this particular period, we offer you all our support and you can be sure of our total commitment to you.

Yours sincerly,

Nathalie Schulz,​
DQE Software President.​