Automotive & Transportation

Take the challenge of digitalization

In the midst of a transformation with the arrival of new players in mobility, the automotive and transport sectors are rethinking their acquisition and relational strategies, to be driven by Data, in order to offer their customers and users experiences integrating digital.

Be Customer Centric with quality data

  • Capture future customers at all points of contact

The majority of your customers search the internet before moving to a car dealership, or to identify alternative modes of transportation that would make their journeys easier. Take advantage of their curiosity to attract them to your brand and engage them to web forms where the entry of identification and contact data is facilitated and made reliable thanks to Data Quality Management solutions to store quality data in your databasesé.

  • Have a 360 ° customer vision

The multiplication of points of contact (website, points of sale, ticketing , customer feedback, emailing …) generates a plethora of customer data often stored in different customer databases. In order to have a shared 360 ° customer vision, these databases must be reconciled, structured, standardized and then deduplicated from defined management rules.

Improve the performance of your relationship strategies

  • Involve your employees in optimizing the quality of customer data

Do not let your competitors take the lead on your customers because of an obsolete mailing address or a wrong email. Engage your employees in a process of continuous optimization of your customer databases by providing them with Data Quality Management solutions interfaced to your CRM. At the point of sale or by phone, enter all contact opportunities to build customer loyalty.

  • Identify the real potential of incoming leads

On-line car test booking, request for quotation …, quickly distinguish forms with real potential from others and gain productivity thanks to a real-time control of the relevance of the data entered and a personalized scoring.