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The customer data quality serving your BtoB relational strategies

Your BtoB customers are consumers in their own right. Just as demanding and solicited, they expect a seamless customer experience from all points of contact. Collecting quality BtoB customer data can not be neglected at the risk of altering sales and marketing performance.

Make your B2B customer databases more reliable

  • Make sure the data quality of your existing databases

Wrong information, missing data, misspelled company names … your B2B customer knowledge is not sufficient to deploy effective acquisition and loyalty strategies and control your costs. Dedicate , straighten, make reliable and complete your databases with essential data for your commercial activity: postal address, SIRET, NAF code, level of sales, workforce, telephone numbers ……

  • Collect real-time quality customer data

Why feed your databases that you have optimized data of poor quality? Adopt a data quality management approach in real time, simplifying data entry directly into your web or CRM forms. At the same time, they will be checked to ensure their reliability before being permanently saved to your databases.

Increase productivity and performance

  • Accelerate customer data entry

Sales, ADV, Billing, Accounting … many players in contact with your B2B customers who can contribute to the enrichment of your customer knowledge. Thanks to DQE Software’s customer data quality optimization solutions, which accelerate the capture of customer data and make it more reliable in real time, you simplify the daily lives of your employees.

  • Focus your business approach on qualified B2B accounts

With duly completed BtoB customer databases, your sales representatives will be able to target their prospecting actions towards a selection of accounts meeting different criteria: business sector, geographical sector, workforce, turnover, name of the decision-maker … to optimize the conversion rates . DQE Software accompanies you to enrich your customer knowledge.