Banking & insurance

Earn the trust of your banked and insured customers

As undeniable trusted partners, banks, insurances and mutuals, pension funds and financial organizations must reinvent themselves in order to preserve their activities in the face of the arrival of new digital players in their sector. To deliver the best services, and to meet their loyalty, retention and acquisition challenges, it becomes urgent to refocus on customers, and to acquire a reliable and long-lasting customer knowledge based on customer data quality.

Homogenize the digital and human relationship

  • Keep in touch with each of your clients

With the implementation of Order 2017-1433, you must maintain the relationship with your customers to hybrid courses, maintaining the contactability . The law also requires an annual verification of the customer’s e-mail address. Thanks to DQE Software solutions dedicated to optimizing the quality of customer data, you can control the reliability of an email, a telephone or a postal address in real time and correct or process them in order to correct this data..

  • Fluidify account creation

In an agency as online, the creation of a customer account must be secure and facilitated. The large number of fields to fill in the forms is such that it can generate input errors and slow down the account validation process. To remedy this, adopt a preventive approach of Data Quality Management, with the autocompletion solutions of DQE Software which accelerate and make reliable in real time the data entry of contact.

Focus on Business Generator Forms

  • Identify the real potential of incoming leads

Why deal with an application for consumer credit while there may be a doubt about the identity of the applicant? Avoid wasting time analyzing unsuccessful incoming leads with real-time monitoring of the relevance of the data entered (for example, the user lives right at the specified address and the email and phone are active) and assigning scoring according to management rules specific to your sector.

  • Increase your conversion rates

You can boost the performance of your web forms by simplifying the entry of contact information for your future clients and insureds. Consistency check between civility and first name, checking the spelling of first names and names, checking the existence of a postal address or a move, autocompletion modules of the data to enter … all necessary levers that allow you to make reliable and standardize the input contacts data to better convert or even recover your recoveries..