Secure your data patient

Knowing how to reconcile quality of care and profitability is the major challenge of healthcare institutions. Subject to strong economic constraints, they must capitalize on the patient data collected to smooth their path and secure future revenue.

Reliably identify each patient with the quality of the data collected

While our health systems are looking for efficiency, it becomes complex to fulfill the primary mission of public and private health care institutions: to deliver the right care to the right person, without impacting the patient’s journey.

  • It is essential to know how to recognize the patient as soon as he or she is admitted to avoid any confusion with another, or to create a duplicate file that no longer takes into account his / her care history. The obligation of identity-vigilance lies with any health professional..
  • Then the challenge is to optimize in real time the data quality collected from the patient in order to better identify him, in order to allow him to engage calmly in his health journey.

Data Quality Management to serve healthcare institutions

Optimize in real time the patient data quality: To simplify the patient’s journey and make it more efficient in health care facilities, it is necessary to facilitate the entry of contact details with autocompletion solutions that automate the collection of data patient without impacting the quality of his reception.

  • Control and correct in real time the reliability of recorded data to ensure their quality through Data Quality Management solutions.
  • Remove any irritants that the patient may encounter upon admission to provide a better experience in your health facility.
  • Anticipate the risk of payment default, and calmly recover patient bills thanks to the reliability of the data collected (Fee-for-Service – T2A).

Ensure the reliability your approach identito-vigilance

Reduce the risk of error when entering the patient’s identity upon admission, to attach it to his or her good record or create a new patient record without duplicate entry.

  • Standardize the entry of the patient’s identity in his file thanks to the DQE Software solutions, with predefined rules dedicated to the health sector.
  • Accelerate patient identification and authentication with the ID Mobile module, which in a few clicks speeds up the process of entering the patient’s identity. The identification of the client is secure, its data reliable in real time: the patient journey will be simplified, you will be sure to provide care to the right person at the earliest and in the best conditions.