Higher education

Improve the performance of your relationship strategies

Preserving the relationship between public and private higher education institutions to their partner companies and students is essential. They need to stay in touch with quality data to optimize the collection of learning taxes and recruit new businesses and students.

Consolidate your income

  • Optimize the collection of the apprenticeship tax

Make sure to address 100% of the companies listed in your databases to increase your conversion rates. Thanks to DQE Software solutions, which facilitate the collection of B2B data on your website and portals, you can make your B2B databases more reliable in real time.

  • Facilitate the recruitment of companies and students

Simplify the process of data entry by companies and students in your web forms. Thanks to autocompletion , which suggests the right data to be entered in the mailing address and email fields, and the real-time control of the quality of the other data entered, your forms will be correctly filled in and your recruitment facilitated.

Keep in touch over time

Whether it is communications, collection procedures, learning tax collection or contribution calls to alumni, sign up for a continuous improvement of the data quality of your companies partners and your students on all points of contact.

  • Make your exchanges more reliable

Use quality and structured Business and Student databases through a virtuous circle of reliable and enriched data collected to reduce the number of PNDs or duplicates. Thanks to our Data Quality Management solutions, you will be able to increase the performance of your personalized shipments, by relying on reliable postal addresses (paper mailing), emails and mobile and active phone numbers.

  • Collect the consent of your students

Collect formally the proof of the consent of the Students met during your Open Days or shows, in accordance with the obligations RGPD. Good practices that can also be adopted in B2B, even if the legislation is more flexible.