Create a haute couture relationship

With the rise of digital, the luxury sector, previously reserved for a few happy few , is now highly competitive. The prestige of luxury brands and high-end products is no longer sufficient to convince consumers, brands must now meet the challenge of digitalization by practicing the art of Data Quality Management to maintain an affinity relationship and embodied with their clients.

Offer an exceptional experience on all your points of sale

  • Opt for a faultless customer knowledge

To pamper your customer capital, there is nothing better than quality data to offer personalized privilege moments to your customers, in point of sale or online. To collect them, simplify their journey when entering your forms. DQE Software’s solutions suggest the closest data (first name, last name, postal address, email), facilitate the autocompletion of fields and control in real time their reliability before integration into your databases.

  • Involve your employees in the collection of quality data

Your advisers have been able to establish with their clients a privileged relationship, based on trust and personalized advice. Involve them in a virtuous approach of optimizing customer knowledge by providing your clienteling applications with Data Quality Management solutions to collect quality data in real time.

Keep a tailor-made communication

  • Identify your new consumers

Globalization requires, luxury is now addressed to different audiences, to different generations. To identify these new consumers of luxury and send them personalized messages, a single view of the customer is needed. Get unified databases across countries and brands, regardless of collection sources and formats, to value the customer anywhere in the world. No duplicate, error of courtesy or contact details will be tolerated.

  • Think consent

Promoted by the RGPD, consent must be collected by all brands. Take advantage of the privileged relationship with your customers and their passage in shop to collect formally the proof of their consent. You will be able to send them serenely your communication, loyalty program, newsletter or private sale, strengthen their brand preference and serve your sales objectives.

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