Manufacturing & Energy

Data, vector of competitiveness and productivity

Opening up to competition and the arrival of new players, the energy and industry sectors are accelerating their transformation to focus on their customers and stand out. Thanks to a resolutely Data Centric approach, based on quality data, they optimize their productivity and gain in competitiveness.

Get quality customer and HR databases

  • Collect quality customer data

To offer your B2C or B2B customers attractive electricity or gas offers as well as innovative products and services, you need quality data. Optimize the collection of customer data on all of your points of contact, from the online quotation request to the CRM form fed by your clients advisors, by making the data entry steps more fluid and more reliable across all the fields of identification. contact required for contractualization (first name, last name, company name, postal address, email, telephone, siret …) thanks to DQE Software’s Data Quality Management solutions.

  • Also think about the quality of employee data

You are part of a group of thousands of employees, and saving their information in your HR databases is tedious. Provide your HR department with autocompletion tools to speed up and make the entry straight into your HRIS form and increase productivity.

Deploy effective marketing and sales actions

  • Improve the quality of your databases

32% manually straighten their databases to correct possible duplicates, typing errors and enrich them with some missing data. Despite the good will of these employees, they can not, for example, identify whether a fixed or mobile phone number, in France or internationally is inactive, if an email is no longer relevant or if the contact has moved, nor reliably fix the thousands of contacts in their databases. Opt for a curative treatment on your bases from a qualitative cleaning of your data (RNVP, duplication, last activities …) with our solutions DQE Software.

  • Control your marketing budgets

With better customer insights based on quality data, improve the impact of your relational campaigns by addressing the right person, with the right offer on the right channel. You will significantly reduce your bounced rates, and increase your deliverability rates and brand awareness.