Media & Entertainment

Build loyal audiences with qualified data

The actors of the Media and Entertainment sectors are transformed in depth with digital. Shared between distributing their content as widely as possible and preserving their subscriptions and advertising revenues, they rely on a better knowledge of their audiences with quality data to activate new growth levers.

Facilitate access to your content

  • Simplify the customer journey

The fragmentation of the consumption patterns of readers, viewers and Internet users requires the media and entertainment brands to reinvent the experience offered to attract and retain their audiences. It is a matter of simplifying the accessibility of the different contents on any device, so that the customer can consult the article, the video, the contents which it chose, by raising the irritant related to its identification or to purchase the content if it is monetized. With Data Quality Management solutions, access is secure while collecting quality data.

  • Bet on personalized recommendations

With a good knowledge of your audience, attract your readers with attractive content, offer them personalized offers and encourage them to subscribe to develop your income. DQE Software’s Data Quality Management solutions interfaced to your web forms will enable this reliable and real-time collection of quality data on all devices .

Monetize your audiences

  • Recruit new readers

Attract new audiences and increase your income through effective marketing campaigns based on databases made reliable without duplicates, erroneous emails, postal addresses obsolete or inactive phones, adopting an approach to optimize the quality of customer data with DQE Software.

  • Attract new advertisers

With the insight of your comprehensive audience, based on quality data, you can orchestrate customized marketing campaigns on the targets your advertisers expect and improve your engagement and conversion rates.