Non Profit and Government

Adopt a communication of proximity with your citizens and members

Citizens, members, donors … are also savvy and connected consumers. They expect Public Services and Associations a fair, transparent and omni-channel communication to engage with them. Having quality data to maintain contact is essential.

Involve citizens in public projects

  • Speak to the right person

Make sure your communications, newsletters, calls for donations … are received by the right person on the right channel. To do this, make reliable the data entered in real time, from the collection by the user or your advisors on your web forms and CRM, to enrich your databases of quality (civility, postal address, email, landline and mobile, place of birth …) thanks to Data Quality Management solutions from DQE Software.

  • Refine your customer knowledge

Quality data speaks for itself. Thanks to a real-time segmentation allowed with Data Quality Management solutions, you have a better understanding of your audiences based on 25 different types of households, and need to develop programs that meet their needs.

Optimize your communication strategy

  • Bring true omni-channel communication

In the face of budget cuts and citizens’ demands, Public Services must communicate more effectively, more personalized and more transparent. Citizens expect to receive these communications on their favorite channels. Email, SMS, Chat … Do not cut these complementary channels to the traditional mailing address to inform your targets, from the moment you are sure that these contact data are reliable and quality.

  • Optimize your fundraisers

Associations, foundations …, create a better donor experience to collect more donations! Privilege the personalization of your message to contact the right people (active members, volunteers, partners, relatives …) and make their donation process more fluid with the DQE Software auto-completion solutions which allow to accelerate the data entry in a form, while making them reliable.