Retail, E-commerce

Keep your customers loyal over the long term

Developing customer loyalty means to know him well to better recognize him. Through many points of interaction with their customers (physical shops, websites, mobile applications, social networks, chatbots …), retail, e-commerce and pure player brands have now valuable customer data collection points. A real goldmine to personalize and making customers’ journeys more fluid, whether B2C or B2B, provided, of course, to have collected quality data, in compliance with the RGPD.

A valued customer is a loyal customer

  • Facilitate the collection of quality customer data

Raise irritants in your forms by simplifying real-time data entry. Thanks to the DQE Software solutions that suggest the closest data (first name, last name, postal address, email) and facilitate the autocompletion of the fields, you accelerate the filling phase of the form, check and correct in real time the quality of the data entered, to guide to the purchase tunnel and optimize the conversion. You can also recommend a store thanks to geolocation.

  • Recruit new customers in store

Your sales advisers are your best ambassadors. Close to customers, they can deliver individualized and personalized advice based on quality and reliable customer data. Empower your clienteling applications with Data Quality Management solutions to engage your advisors in the enrichment of this customer knowledge, the recording of new customers, as well as the collection of GDPR consent. Your CRM will thank you.

Activate your datas to develop your business

  • Orchestrate a real-time marketing

Doublon, PND or NPAI, Bounced , Inactive phone number … many parasites that taint the performance of your acquisition and retention strategies. Reconcile your cross-channel databases, through a virtuous circle of reliable and enriched customer data, to personalize and increase the performance of your business operations and encourage purchase.

  • Identify the real potential of incoming leads and counter fraud

Avoid wasting time dealing with potential leads with real-time monitoring of the relevancy of the data entered and scoring according to personalized business rules. You can also anticipate the risk of fraud by verifying in real time that the user lives at the address indicated and that the email and phone are active, all coupled with its historical data purchase and behavioral.