Telecom & High Tech

Data in the heart of the customer experience

Faced with fierce competition pulling down prices and strong regulatory pressure, telecom players and new technologies rely on customer experience to retain long-term and maintain their competitiveness. It is thanks to a Customer Centric approach that values the data that it will be possible to pull out of the game.

Facilitate the acquisition of new omnichannel customers

  • Fluidify the buying journey

With an average of 10 fields to fill in a form, the finalization of the act of purchase is based on the perseverance of the client. Simplify the entry of customer data in your web forms and CRM to accelerate the conversion with DQE Software solutions that accelerate the entry (civility, first name, name …), control the reliability of the fields (email, landline or mobile phone, mailing address …) ), suggest corrections and alert in case of duplication.

  • Identify and counter fraud attempts

Each release of a new smartphone or new technology attracts the greed of some unscrupulous customers. Thanks to a nominative validation of the fields Name, First Name, Postal Address, Email, Telephone, DQE Software can confirm in real time the existence of the person or his home and mean if this lead is reliable to validate the order, or you alert of possible fraud attempt.

Improve the Return on Investment of your marketing campaigns

  • Optimize the customer databases quality 

70% of CRM programs are doomed to failure due to poor quality of stored data. Stand out by investing in real-time quality data collection with DQE Software’s Data Quality Management solutions. You will be able to avoid typing errors by making the data entered in any input channel used by the user or by your advisor (phone, website, point of sale, etc.) more reliable , and speed up their input thanks to autocompletion. and consolidate your customer knowledge.

  • Address the right offer to the right person on the right channel

Ensuring the success of your acquisition, retention and retention strategies, and earning conversion points requires orchestrating your campaigns with quality customer data. Realize reliable data collection in real time is essential, but do not forget the upstream phase of cleaning data already stored in your files. You can re-activate dormant contacts, anticipate and reduce your churn … by increasing the deliverability rates of your communications.