Data Quality


Company's legal information capture

The DQE BtoB solution simplifies the capture of company information for French and international companies and enriches them with legal information.

Speed up BtoB customer data entry

DQE BtoB facilitates the collection of quality corporate data, a necessary basis for the orchestration of powerful relational strategies:

  • Auto-completion of company names: DQE BtoB simplifies data entry in CRM or web applications. From a company name entered, DQE BtoB suggests in real time a company that corresponds to the search.
  • Enrichment with legal information: DQE BtoB instantly completes your form with current data: postal address, SIRET, NAF code, level of turnover, number, telephone number … based only on company name and postal code.
  • Access to data from 18 countries of the European Union.

Powerful search tool, DQE BtoB increases the productivity of your teams by accelerating the capture of customer data and making them more reliable.

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Improve the performance of your BtoB sales actions

Free your teams from the tedious steps of typing, and thus give them more time for their business development activity.

  • Capitalize on reliable BtoB data: thanks to DQE BtoB connected to all collection points, web applications or CRM.
  • Improve BtoB acquisition rates: in curative mode, DQE BtoB enriches your database with up-to-date data, and reconciles them to maintain a unique view of your BtoB customers.
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The technical corner

DQE BtoB is available in Saas mode. Like all DQE Software solutions, you can implement this module within your web, CRM and ERP forms, through our web services. DQE BtoB is one of the modules of our Easy Plugin technology that does not require any integration in your business applications. In batch mode, we can perform on-time or recurring processes with our secure database processing automatons.