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DQE City Date

Municipality merging, grouping and creation management

The DQE City Date solution makes it possible to retrieve in real time the name of a municipality, its postal code and its INSEE code, at a given date, in Web or CRM applications and in databases during regular processing. automatic or punctual.

Make your databases more reliable with the right community

Each year, municipalities come together, merge, or create new ones, with a direct impact on the reliability of the data collected on each client. DQE City Date will:

  • Facilitate in real time the management of mergers and groupings of municipalities.
  • Suggest the name of the town, its postal code and its INSEE code at a given date: the municipality of origin on the date of birth field for example.

DQE City Date makes municipalities more reliable to maintain contact with your customers and better control marketing budgets. You can reduce data processing costs and mailing costs by lowering undelivered envelopes.

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Get the name of a municipality in your databases

  • In curative mode, the DQE City Date automatically processes client databases at regular intervals. It identifies the merging municipalities and / or restitutes the new labels and postal codes, or supplements with the INSEE codes.
    • You’ll be able to segment more precisely on the municiplity criteria from sound customer databases and increase the performance of your marketing campaigns.
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The technical corner

DQE City Date is available in SaaS or ” on premise ” mode. Like all DQE Software solutions, you can implement this module within your web, CRM and ERP forms, through our web services. In batch mode, we can perform on-time or recurring processes with our secure database processing automatons.