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DQE GDPR Compliant

Simplify the offline collect of GDPR consent

DQE GDPR Compliant offers retailers and brands, via mobile, the opportunity to collect formally customers consent at the point of sale, in agency or by phone in accordance with GDPR obligations.

Collect proof of customer consent directly in store or over the phone

DQE GDPR Compliant facilitates the taking of consent on your offline channels when you want to propose to a customer to join your loyalty program, or to subscribe to your newsletter or private sale.

  • The advisor enters the mobile number of his customer on his terminal (cash or tablet) or CRM.
  • The customer receives by SMS an activation code to communicate to the advisor.
  • The client thus gives his consent consent in the context of the GDPR.
  • The consent data will be recorded and stored with its date in the client record.
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Earn the trust of your customers

DQE GDPR Compliant allows you to be transparent towards your customers in the use of their personal data.

  • Fast and reliable consent accounting GDPR.
  • Better efficiency of sales advisers in store or on the phone.
  • Smooth customer experience.
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The technical corner

DQE GDPR Compliant is available in SaaS. Like all DQE Software solutions, you can implement this module within your checkout software and clienteling application, through our web services.