Data Quality

DQE Gender

Control and correction of civilities and first names

The DQE Gender solution simplifies and makes reliable the entry of civilities, first names and last names.

Customize your actions in a fair way

Collect the civilities, first names and names of your customers reliably to ensure their quality and long-term customer relationship. DQE Gender relies on several strengths:

  • Consistency check between the first name and the entered civility.
  • Suggestion of correction of the civility if it’s not been informed or badly informed.
  • Auto-completion of names and surnames: suggestion of names according to the selected civility, and names for easy entry.
  • Our name repositories that cover 99% of the French population, first names and associated civilities, and internationally.
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Improve the customer relationship

  • Instant, fast and reliable input of first and last names for a better customer experience in store or call center.
  • Additional search keys (first and last name) reliable and standardized to improve the customer’s vision.
  • Customization of error-free messages to increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

In curative mode, DQE Gender not only allows to correct the errors of civility even the first names, according to certain rules, but also to treat the inversions of fields Name and First name.

Free audit: check the consistency [first name civility]

The technical corner

DQE Gender is available in SaaS mode. Like all DQE Software solutions, you can implement this module within your web forms, CRM and ERP, via our web services. DQE Gender is one of the modules of our Easy-Plugin technology which makes it possible to avoid any integration in your business applications. In batch mode, we can perform punctual or recurrent treatments thanks to our secure base processing machines.