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DQE ID Mobile

Reliable Filling of Forms from Mobile Subscriber Data

The DQE ID Mobile simplifies and secures in real time the entry of these informations on customer forms: Name, Surname, Postal Address, E-mail, Telephone, Birth Date. DQE ID Mobile is GDPR Compliant.

Improve customer data collection from a mobile number

DQE ID Mobile secures the transaction and authenticates the user with his mobile number, while making the collection of customer data more reliable.

  • Real-time consultation of the telecoms operator’s long-term subscriber repository to automatically fill out an online form or check the reliability of the data entered.
  • Auto-completion of a form: the user or the user chooses to fill out his form by identifying himself with his mobile number. He receives an SMS to connect to a link via his mobile phone, and thus allows the sharing of his contact information from his operator Telecom with the brand. The WEB or CRM form is automatically completed.
  • Verification of the data entered in a form: when filling in the web form, DQE ID Mobile checks the consistency of the data entered by the user with those of his customer account at his mobile operator.
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100% GDPR customer data collection

DQE ID Mobile optimizes customer journeys, simplifies account creation, helps fight fraud and increases conversion rates.

  • DQE ID Mobile is completely GDPR compliant : it is the customer, if he wishes, who by entering his mobile number, gives his consent and chooses to share his telecom operator data. It is thus easy to identify and secure 100% transaction.
  • User Authentication Trusted : Integrated with data collection forms, IDs DQE Mobile allows you to secure the transaction and to authenticate the user through their mobile number while more reliable collection of customer data.
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The technical corner

DQE ID Mobile is available in SaaS. Like all DQE Software solutions, you can implement this module within your web, CRM and ERP forms, through our web services.