Data Performance

DQE Mooved

Control and identification of address changes

DQE Mooved allows to identify in real time if a contact moved, in your applications (CRM, ERP …) or in a curative way in your databases.

Correct in real time the moved

DQE Mooved enhances the efficiency of your organization by optimizing the quality of the mailing address, including:

  • Ask prospects and customers to enter their new address at the right time while respecting the RGDP framework.
  • Alert your teams of change of address: informs that your client or prospect has moved as soon as he gets in touch with you.
  • Reduce data processing costs.
  • Avoid buying new addresses.
  • Reduce mailing costs by lowering undelivered envelopes.
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Check if your customers and prospects have moved

In curative mode, DQE Mooved can:

  • Detect if some of your customers or prospects have moved.
  • Automatically correct your databases by integrating their new address.

You will be able to increase the performance of your campaigns sent by mail and control your marketing budgets.

Free audit: measure the quality of postal addresses

The technical corner

DQE Mooved is available in SaaS mode. Like all DQE Software solutions, you can implement this module within your web forms, CRM and ERP, via our web services. DQE Mooved is one of the modules of our Easy Plugin technology which makes it possible to avoid any integration in your business applications. In batch mode, we can perform punctual or recurrent treatments thanks to our secure base processing machines.