DQE for Salesforce

DQE Unify for Salesforce

Empower your Salesforce with reliable and unified customer data

DQE Software has ported its best-in-class technology on Salesforce’s platform. With DQE Unify, companies now can easily perform data quality in Salesforce avoiding time consuming and expensive projects.

Our DQE Unify solution for Salesforce will be soon available for download: DQE Unify UI on the AppExchange and DQE Unify Server on the Heroku Elements Marketplace.

Easily improve the quality of your data in Salesforce

Clean your existing database: DQE Unify offers Batch processing for bulk verification and deduplication of your customer data. Save time in your data cleansing operations and maintain the quality of your databases over time.

Provide a Single Customer View: DQE Unify breaks down silos and unifies customer data to create a Single Customer View (SCV) within the entire organization. Our high-performance technology includes Smart Contextual Matching (SCM) to identify quickly and accurately duplicate records.

Reliability and simplicity go hand in hand: Easily manage the quality of you customer data with our solution natively integrated with Salesforce. All the solution’s functions are accessible to the user directly from his Salesforce interface.

Benefit from an effective and easy deduplication process

DQE Unify UI can enable one-off or regular actions to remove duplicated leads, contacts or accounts and can be programmed directly in Salesforce. This technology allows you to select your matching rules through a step-by-step interface and manage schedules runs to maintain data quality over time.

Our best-in-class technology use sophisticated algorithms and Smart Contextual Matching (SCM) to identify duplicate records in a smart way, going beyond exact and fuzzy matching. Indeed, our SCM technology understands all field variations and performs cross-matching between fields. These extremely efficient technologies avoid the creation and storage of duplicate customer files.

Then, view the full deduplication statistics and Key Quality Indicators (KQIs), show complete details by matching rule.

Achieve a Single Customer View

You can also take advantage of our technology running on Heroku to build a single view of your customers.

Indeed, our DQE Unify Server technology offers the ability to transform customer data from multiple sources into a structured clean database with a single record for each customer. DQE Unify can overcome the problems caused by data silos and bridge fragmented customer data across the entire organization.

This way, you can deliver personalized messages across every marketing tool to create consistent communication and a relevant marketing strategy. By improving the relationship with your customers, DQE Unify boosts sales and limit churn!

Maintain data quality over time

DQE Unify Server, soon available on Heroku Elements Marketplace, also provides high-performance features:

  • Additional deduplication rules working with custom objects or fields.
  • Multi-source and multi-organization: easily perform the match and merge process through multiple sources to transform customer data into a structured clean database.
  • Real-time deduplication: this feature performs pre-existence searches in real time. At each collection point, DQE Unify instantly analyzes data to ensure that no duplicates are created in your database.

Cleanse your customer data, natively in Salesforce

In addition, the DQE Unify interface allows you to call the services of the DQE DataQ product line to validate contact data in bulk. Detects and corrects any errors that reduce the quality of your customer database:

  • Verifies titles, first and last names and simplifies data entry
  • Returns from minimal information complete and accurate postal addresses ignoring any misspelling errors
  • Enhance addresses with International Geolocation
  • Checks if an email is correct and deliverable
  • Verifies International mobile phones and landlines
  • Capture of international company information