How to remove bounced email?


How to clean up your customer databases, eradicate email bounces and answer your performance challenges?

The delivrability has always been the workhorse of marketing managers to increase the performance of their acquisition campaigns, loyalty, retention … so their relationship programs customers and prospects.

Maintaining the quality of databases containing tens of thousands of emails, or even millions, can certainly be considered tedious, but should in no way be considered a long-term project.

Methods for optimizing the quality of customer data exist, adopted by many brands, to control the reliability of an email as soon as it is entered before it is stored in a database or CRM. They allow to suggest corrections, to identify if it has been active these last 12 months, to isolate real bounces … in order to deploy your campaigns only on really active and reliable emails, to optimize your deliverability and the Return on Investment of your campaigns.

Here are the 3 keys to permanently eradicate email bounces:

  • Clean up your databases: remove drastically your hard bounces and give maximum 3 chances to your soft bounces.
  • Preemptively act on your forms: give your forms the real-time autocompletion of the email from the first and last name, validate the existence of the email address, collect your emails in double optin identify the sleeping or inactive emails.
  • Set up a GDPR trust contract: constantly test the quality of the information collected and validate the GDPR consent in real time.

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