Sephora improves the quality of its data thanks to Data Quality Management

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Sephora, Europe’s leading retailer in the beauty sector, is now equipped with data quality optimization solutions from DQE Software for maximum efficiency in recruiting new members for the company’s customer loyalty program.

Sephora-LogoA subsidiary of the LVMH Group and number one in luxury products worldwide, Sephora is present in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East and Asia at 1,800 stores and on 17 websites in ten different languages. Sephora makes a strong promise: offer customers an unequaled shopping experience.

A loyalty program feeds quality data

Among the initiatives launched by the company, Sephora’s loyalty program invites customers to enter a world featuring exclusive, personalized benefits. But a loyalty program makes sense only if it is fed by customer knowledge based on reliable, structured data.

To ensure high-quality data, Sephora is now equipped with innovative solutions designed by DQE Software that enable in-store beauty advisors, who are the customer’s frontline contact, to become participants in enriching the brand’s CRM program.

The beauty advisor suggests becoming part of the loyalty program and then records all customer data without a risk of error using a web application enhanced with these DQE Software solutions:

  • DQE Address Match: connected to the postal references of 192 countries and including international phonetic rules, this application provides real-time validation of data entered and instantly suggests the address, even if there are typos or mistakes in spelling, whatever the country’s address format.
  • DQE Email Match: provides real-time checking of the reliability of international emails entered into the system, with several verification levels, from syntax to username.

“We would like to implement a real-time, multi-channel solution with our systems to facilitate and optimize the in-store customer recruitment process. One of our most important goals is to be able to carry out operations directly from our electronic cash register systems without disturbing sales activity in stores. The DQE Software solutions for optimizing data quality meets these needs,” explains Bruno Vernier, CRM Project Manager for Sephora.

A successful implementation

Initiated in 2013 at all points of sale in France and Romania and implemented in eight months (from project design to full deployment) they enabled Sephora to:

  • Significantly reduce the rate of non-activated loyalty cards.
  • Capture customers who had not previously activated their card.
  • Strengthen customer data through better data collection in stores.
  • Enrich this information with cell phone and email data.
  • Eliminate processing costs tied to the management of paper membership forms.

« After a convincing pre-project phase, we were reassured in our choice. With DQE Software solutions, we now have innovative and effective technology based on a flexible economic model, and this makes all the difference. After France and Romania, we equipped five new countries in 2014 – the United Arab Emirates, Italy, Portugal, Poland and the Czech Republic – and we will continue deployment in Europe in 2015, as well as in other zones, such as Asia », concludes Bruno Vernier.

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